• Sanjeevani
  • Friends for Cancer Care (FORCE) – A forum of cured cancer patients
  • Kannur District Cancer Control Programme (KDCCP)
  • Early Cancer Detection Centre (ECDC)
  • Pain and Palliative Care Unit
  • Bi monthly follow up Clinic for cancer patients continuing treatment
  • UNFPA-IPD Malabar Cancer Control Programme
  • WHO/IARC Cervical Cancer Control Programme
  • Telemedicine Unit
  • Mobile Cervical Pre-cancer and treatment Unit
  • School of Colposcopy and training centre of WHO/IARC
  • Anti - Tobacco Activities
  • Our Programmes

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Welcome to Malabar Cancer Care Society

MCCS is a committed Non-Governmental Organization engaged in awareness, early detection, cure, relief and rehabilitation of cancer patients. By carryingout house to house, person to person cancer awareness and early detection programmes in 84 Panchayaths  and 5 Municipalities . MCCS has spread its message among 2.4 million people in the region. Established in 1989 at Chavaserry, Kannur District, MCCS was founded by Shri. D. Krishnanadha Pai who was inspired by a vision of a better world with less misery and suffering, sparked by the untimely suicide of a close associate due to cancer, Shri Pai envisaged MCCS as a torch bearer in a mission towards the fight against the deadly disease.

Shri. Krishnanadha Pai’s vision has become a collective mission for so many other similarly thinking people who wants to join their hands together for the betterment of fellow beings who are suffering from the pain and misery caused by cancer.

MCCS welcomes all to join in this crusade irrespective of age, gender or other differences.

Membership of MCCS is limited to individuals having commitment for social services irrespective of cast, creed or religion. But  only to teetotalers.  Eligible persons after applying for membership have to involve in all the activities of the Society for a minimum period of two years to confer membership on them subject to approval of Governing Board.